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About us

Wang & Co. is a cutting-edge Hong Kong-based corporate finance law firm furnished with experience serving Hong Kong, PRC, and international clients in a range of corporate transactions. We understand the growing legal landscape of Hong Kong and the commercial needs of our clients, and are able to bring the versatility of a new firm and the extensive experience of our lawyers to our clients.

Wang & Co. is capable of utilising our considerable experience and professional knowledge to serve our clients and meet the needs of the fast-growing and modern international business environment.

Our Strengths



Our founder, Mr. Wang Xiaojun, had set up X.J.Wang & Co (王⼩軍律師⾏) in 2001, which had later merged with JunHe Law Offices to form its Hong Kong office. In 2019, Mr. Wang retired from JunHe and refreshed the Wang & Co. (王⼩軍律師⾏) brand and started Wang & Co. (formerly known as JNJ Partners LLP) as a new platform to provide modern legal solutions to our clients. With over 20 years of established experience in the legal market, we strive to continuously provide value-added legal services where we treat each client’s needs as a priority.

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